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2003-08-07 DAV Manager Version 0.3 BETA 6 released. One bug is fixed (I hope because I cannot test this fix).

2002-21-02 Version 0.3 BETA 5 released. There are many bug fixes. Please upgrade.

2001-02-11 Version 0.3 BETA 4 released. This version should be the last one this year. Some bugs are fixed and some new features are added (see CHANGES).

2001-19-10 Version 0.3 BETA 3 released. Drag&Drop support is completly redesigned. Drag&Drop under Windows or between different Java engines is now available.

2001-12-10 Version 0.3 BETA 2 released. Most Windows problems are solved (not drag&drop).

2001-08-10 Version 0.3 BETA 1 released. Now FTP is supported by DAV Manager. A application launcher and a synchronization utility is also included. Attention: This version is only tested under Linux.

2001-08-09 Version 0.2 BETA 1 released. This version has bugs but most functions are tested under Linux. Attention: I donīt tested this version under Windows or Mac.

2001-07-17 First ALPHA version released. This version has many bugs but it shows my aim.

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